Founder / Project Facilitator

Celeste Jones began her career with an etiquette school but always maintained her hand in design as a hobby. After many years of encouragement from friends and family to open up an interior design company, Celeste started her firm.

She is passionate about designing spaces that meet the lifestyle needs and tastes of her clients. Jones strives to keep the architectural integrity, demographics, and personality of each person in mind when selecting the ultimate design platform from full renovations to interior décor and furnishings.

Renovations, repairs, design and décor is kept as seamless and stress free for clients with a mission to remove the hassle factor and extra time often added on and extending beyond the initial promise. Celeste has a special formula that is tried and true that makes the process as streamlined and simple as possible with accurate timelines and agreed expenses. People confuse contractors with the lead on the over-all project but this is not the case. Celeste acts to manage the entire project from start to finish coordinating all the moving parts to minimize delays and annoyances.

Celeste has an eye for simple elegance with contemporary and streamlined to very European ornate detailing and embellishments. All aspects share the importance of visionary wholesomeness with energy that resonates power and positivity for the ultimate home environment that enhances mood and serenity.

Clients are uniquely handled and managed one at a time. Celeste’s philosophy is of quality not quantity and she offers a boutique service from the start to finish from full renovations, to defined segments of home décor to repairs. She specializes in project facilitation with organizational management and efficiency with her team of architects, permit specialists, deseigners, contractors, and trades people all bonded and insured, supervised, and trained to serve the client with the utmost precision, due diligence and impeccable etiquette and white glove service.

Celeste has worked with several high profile people and has been the project facilitator and both built and renovated estates and condo’s in old world elegance with clean contemporary touches or modern homes with a dab of old world charm.

The ultimate goal is to take the clients life style and tastes and the overall architecture of the home and demographics to design an inviting and comfortable environment that resonates with good energy.