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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling should be a priority, Bathrooms are by far the most private and relaxing interior design in your home, and we strive to help create a bathroom interior design you will be glad to call your sanctuary. Whether creating your own personal spa area or just updating for rescaling, we will provide you a comprehensive remodeling assessment that fits your budget and personal taste.

When you require upgrading to your worn bathroom interior design call Celeste Jones Interiors for a consultation to introduce a bathroom remodel to your home. Call now! (561) 291-7015.

Beautiful Luxurious Bathroom fresh from undergoing Bathroom Remodeling, outfitted with a new sink, full bathtub and full wall sized windows.
Beautiful and Luxurious Bathroom with Marbling on the wall, Bathroom Interior Design was employed to match the mirrors with other fittings as a gold touch to it.