What we offer

Discover the harmony of colors, textures, and patterns.

Family house

Attention to impeccable detail, personalities, life styles and needs will direct us to the ultimate unique selections best suited for each client.

Interior Apartment

Interior design is important primarily because it is a place for relaxation, where we all retire to take a good sleep and refresh, away from the world and worries.

Interior Commercial

When creating an impactful Restaurant & Café Interior Design there are some very important factors to consider.

Interior Office

We develop impactful office interior designs that fit your daily organizational needs. Our commercial interior design practices reflect your company’s style, culture, and brand.

Get inspired by the fresh approach to crafting a home that’s uniquely yours

Home Renovations are a large endeavor, but not one you have to embark on alone. When you are ready for an improvement to your interior design layouts and functional aesthetics we will be there to assist you in refreshing all your renovations.

Why Choose Us

Inspire your space through art and design.

Professional Designer

Celeste has graduate degrees from Harvard University and has authored training manuals and consulted for Fortune 500 companies on quality control, client relations, and elegant yet functional meeting space.

Free Consultations

Home is where the heart is… or at least that’s where it should be. Invite Celeste to share your vision and see that the possibilities are infinite. Make your residence an oasis and a destination that resonates peacefulness with power.

Base on your budget

Celeste has a special formula that is tried and true that makes the process as streamlined and simple as possible with accurate timelines and agreed expenses. People confuse contractors with the lead on the over-all project but this is not the case. ​

24/7 Premium support

Get in touch with us when ever you have any questions related to the project anytime you'd like. Send us an email and let us know what your needs are so we can give you everything you want and need to create the perfect space for your well being.


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